Expeditions - Andrei Voinigescu

Tubbataha Sharkageddon - June 11-19, 2016

Join me and an all-star team of marine scientists including Dr. Alessandro Ponzo from Large Marine Vertebrates Project, Philippines and the world's foremost whale-shark expert, Dr. Simon Pierceon a unique research expedition to study Tubbataha's sharky denizens.

After breaking new ground last year with the first-ever surveys of Tubbataha's shark and ray populations, the LAMAVE team is returning for 9 days aboard WWF-Phillipines's research vessel, the M/Y Navorca, to track down and tag the ones that got away -- the park's elusive tiger sharks.

Armed with state-of-the-art satellite-tracking tags, we will try to record the tigers' movements and determine whether the Tubbataha atolls act as a vital shark nursery for the whole South China Sea. 

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